Festival 2016 / A voice for belcanto


Teatro della Grancia

Friday, August 19, 2016, h 19.00


Tenor Chris Merritt

Piano Beatrice Benzi



Giacomo Carissimi

Vittoria, mio core!


Francesco Durante

Vergin, tutto amor


Alessandro Scarlatti

Già il Sole dal Gange

O cessate di piagarmi


Giovanni Battista Bononcini

Per la gloria d'adorarvi


Christoph Willibald Gluck

O del mio dolce ardore


Giovanni Legrenzi

Che fiero costume


Giulio Caccini



Francesco Durante

Danza, danza


Vincenzo Bellini

Sogno d'infanzia

Dolente immagine di Fille mia

Bella Nice che d'amore

Ma rendi pur contento


Gioachino Rossini

Ariette à l'ancienne

Ariette villageoise


Giacomo Puccini

Sole e amore

Storiella d'amore


Gioachino Rossini

da Otello

"Ah! sì, per voi già sento"



Chris Merritt’s is a legendary name for fans of belcanto. Together with artists such as Joan Sutherland, Marilyn Horne, Rockwell Blake and Samuel Ramey, the American tenor has been a leading figure in the revival of the belcanto repertoire in theatres around the world, performing in memorable productions such as Il viaggio a Reims with Claudio Abbado and Guglielmo Tell with Riccardo Muti. His prestigious performing career will be forever associated with the Rossini Renaissance, the exciting years of the rediscovery of the composer’s opere serie and the first Rossini Opera Festival. The exceptional range of his voice, from the low notes of the baritone register to the highs of the tenor have enabled him to successfully reintroduce the repertoire of the legendary 19th century baritenors Andrea Nozzari and Domenico Donzelli.
It is an honour for Solo Belcanto to inaugurate the third Festival with a concert by Chris Merritt, now entering a new phase of his long career. Accompanied by the pianist Beatrice Benzi, répétiteur of the Teatro della Scala, the American tenor will perform pieces from the Italian chamber music repertoire.