Festival 2017 / Felice Varesi, the voice of Macbeth


Teatro della Grancia

Saturday, August 26, 2017, h 19.00


Baritone Nicola Alaimo

Soprano Chiara Mogini

Piano Gianni Fabbrini


Music by Giuseppe Verdi


Just the roles of Macbeth and Rigoletto, composed for him, would be enough to guarantee Felice Varesi’s entry into the pantheon of great Verdi performers. The baritone of French origin (he was born in Calais in 1813, the same year as Verdi) made them his forte, identifying completely with the parts in terms of voice, gesture, physique and posture, perfectly suited – as Giancarlo Landini observed – “to give the ultimate embodiment of unorthodox characters”. This was not the case with the character of Giorgio Gérmont, another part written for him, with which in fact he was not very successful. Despite this, Varesi remains one of the most outstanding examples of a nineteenth century singer-performer, around whose vocal and thespian gifts Verdi shaped two characters of gigantic stature.
The performer in the Festival’s homage to Felice Varesi could only be the baritone Nicola Alaimo, one of the most sensitive and attentive interpreters today of Verdi’s “parola scenica”. Accompanying him the Umbrian soprano Chiara Mogini, top prize winner of the Spoleto 2015 “Adriano Belli” competition and the Accademia del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino. At the piano once again Gianni Fabbrini, in his fourth appearance at Solo Belcanto.