Festival 2017 / Master class with Silvia Dalla Benetta


Teatro della Grancia

August, 20 - 24, 2017


Teacher Silvia Dalla Benetta

Piano Fabio Maggio


Silvia Dalla Benetta is currently one of the most sought after interpreters of the Belcanto by virtue of a technical proficiency and stylistic expertise that enables her to tackle with great success the most arduous parts in the operas of Rossini, Bellini, Donizetti, Verdi and the great French opera. The opportunity to explore this repertoire with her is a precious one for young singers aiming to perfect their voices and acquire a greater knowledge of Belcanto, which - we insist - means not only tackling passages of notable vocal difficulty with a knowledge of technique, but also, getting to know the style of a composer, varying or embellishing the music in an appropriate way, phrasing with intensity, expressing feeling, capturing emotion.

The class will be limited to 12 persons, selected by the Artistic Director of the Festival, who will also award 3 scholarships to students considered to be particularly deserving.

In attendance at the master class will be Fabio Maggio, pianist and répétiteur of the Accademia del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino.

The students considered most suitable will participate in two concerts to be given at Montisi and Castelmuzio on 22 and 24 August.

The fee for attendance at the master class is € 300 for participants and € 100 for auditors.
Information by email at masterclass@solobelcanto.it.

Enrolments for the master class can be made online by sending an email to masterclass@solobelcanto.it, with one or more audio file attachments and/or one or more links to video recordings.
Payment must be made within a week of the confirmation of the enrolment by means of a bank draft made out to:


IBAN IT18O 084897972070000000700280